Intentional Training

I can remember meeting up with a few buddies to go shooting one day and we brought out everything we had to shoot. I was managing an FFL at the time so I brought out a few pieces to test fire as well. It almost felt as if I was rushing that day to make sure I got to shoot each and every gun. At one point I remember saying to myself “This is so f*@#n stupid.” Don’t get me wrong, I love a day of freedom just as much as the next guy. However, it was this pivotal moment that I realized that if I’m not shooting to get better then what’s the point? Yes we had fun shooting with absolutely no goals that day but with each round that went down range I could not help to think I could have used that ammo to perfect my skill.

So what are you training for? Are you going to the range with a plan? Are you working on marksmanship? Draw stroke? Shooting with movement? Speed and accuracy drills?

Do you have a training partner? It really pays off to have one! My partner and I alternate shooting sessions and courses of fire. My days are usually more skills based and his usually consist of more dynamic training and stress induction. Having a partner also allows you to get a little competitive and it’s nice to have another set of eyes watching for mistakes and opportunities for you to improve. Your partner can also record you shooting and you will be able to critique yourself.

My advice is to pick a few things you want to work on. Find specific drills that will help you improve. Come up with a plan for that day and stick to your plan. Once you are satisfied with your training efforts if you still have the energy then you can break out everything else for “fun”.

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