My first experience with firearms was when I served in the US Coast Guard from 1991-1995. During boot camp I qualified as a pistol marksman and a rifle sharpshooter. Hindsight these qualifications really did not mean much. While enlisted I was a Federal Boarding Officer and conducted recreational and commercial boardings. Although we carried a pistol, shotgun and M16 my training was still limited.

Shortly after I got out of the Coast Guard my father paid an “instructor”  $35.00 to come to our house in Florida and give us a CCW class. Twenty minutes later I had a certificate to apply for my permit. I did not have the attitude, skills or knowledge to carry a firearm in public. I was one of these guys who thought “I have a gun, I’m good.” There was no thought put into how fast an act of violence can occur or how I was going to defend myself. This continued on for many years with the occasional trip to the range to give me a false sense of training.

In 2010 I hooked up with a more serious group of self-defenders in Colorado who really opened my eyes as to what it actually meant to be a responsible concealed carry holder. Since then I have thrown myself into this EDC Lifestyle and pride myself on good quality training and practice.

The class I teach is the class I wish I took back in 1997. My passion & purpose is to prepare gun owners for what could be the worst day of their lives. My goal is to streamline your learning curve and help you acquire the skills and knowledge you should have if you are taking this responsibility seriously.

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