Concealed Carry Sucks

Concealed Carry sucks but I won’t let that stop me. We all know the benefits of carrying concealed. Here are a few.

  • The element of surprise.
  • Weapons retention.
  • Not making people around us feel uncomfortable.
  • Not drawing unwanted attention to ourselves.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Less chances of police contact.

So what sucks about it then?

Let’s start with clothing options. If you are like me, I choose to carry as much gun (frame wise) as I can get away with. Getting a good solid first grip on the gun is super important when it comes to draw stroke and when we start talking about recoil management bigger is better. That being said micro guns/sub compact guns are out of the question when it comes to EDC (Every Day Carry). Compact models such as the Sig P320, Glock 19 or the M&P Compact are good choices for me. All three of these models can be a little bulky. I have dresser drawers full of shirts that are a little too tight for me to rock my P320 without people being able to read the model number on the grip through them. Depending on your profession you may not be able to dress around your lifestyle but for me my clothing choices are affected by my carry style. The above dilemma is compounded for women. Women can rarely get away with one setup if they like to dress like women. When female students ask me how I think they should carry I refer them to other women who have more expertise in this area. I do always encourage them to carry on their person though.

Next is law. In Colorado it is legal to have a firearm in a bar. You can even have a drink as long as you are not intoxicated but for me this is setting yourself up for big problems. If shit hits the fan and you are involved in a defensive handgun shooting, good luck in court. Also, if you get pulled over and the LEO smells alcohol and you disclose you have a firearm things may get awkward for you. This is another situation I choose to avoid so now I am the guy who meets up with friends but is too square to have a drink. There are occasions where I will make the decision to not carry and go have some fun but they are few and far between.

Responsible gun ownership: This may mean different things to some of you but for me it involves a lot of training, range time and ammo. If you make the decision to carry in public then you should be proficient at your skill. This can get expensive and time consuming. Please see my previous blog posts “Do Not Be a Gun Owner” and “Intentional Training”.

Before you know it you EDC grows past a firearm. You will soon realize you should be carrying a spare mag, a light, a knife and at the very minimum a tourniquet for medical emergencies. Concealed carry can in fact suck and is a big responsibility. If you decide this lifestyle is for you and you are willing to put in the time and deal with some of the draw backs of carrying a firearm the world can use some more self-defenders.